This is the full story behind Wholesome Retreats. The story of two people who wanted to make a difference, stumbled upon a common vision, and didn’t look back for a second. We would love to share these stories with you around a warm fire in the great outdoors, but for now, until we soon meet, the internet would have to do.

My soul sister Hiba spent many nights partying then driving to work on Red Bull and 2 hours of sleep. After every weekend when the world got too intense, she would knock on my door Sunday night, crawl onto my couch under a chequered red blanket, ask for a cup of herbal tea and silently sit there sipping it. I didn’t ask her much, I just sat next to her and my mind wandered too. She called this her week’s wholesome moment. Since then, many Hibas have crawled into this space. Teas evolved into juices. Silence evolved into meditation. The chequered blanket into a yoga mat.

Regardless of why or how you land where you land, the one thing that brings us together is the humbleness of our existence. None of us really belong here, yet somehow, we do belong. In the absurdity of our being lies the true reason of our existence: To fit together perfectly as misfits. To combine our energies and create something out of nothing. To drive enough change in our modest souls that start a ripple effect to our little circles and eventually touch the entire world.

As Hibas came in and left, as they laughed and cried, as they surrendered and powered through, we too have evolved. In these circles we have found wisdom, and in our loneliness, we have found strength. Through our own journeys of joy, pain and gratitude, we have also finally found purpose. A purpose of helping you, fellow earthling, fuel your free spirit, let go of your inhibitions, and embark on this adventure with us. So you can eventually crawl back into the world more enlightened and inspired to do the same for other people.

Whether you are just about to embark on this wonderful inner journey of self-discovery, or you have a depth of experience that you can share with this world, you are welcome here. We embrace you with open arms.  

Thank you for being part of our stories. We hope one day we get to hear yours.


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