Sept 15, 2019




Our Detox retreat in Bali is all about enabling you to take a giant leap towards your fullest, most alive and vibrant self. 
As we take our journey to the magical lands of Bali, we will harness the power of yoga, meditation, and a 3 day juice detox while also leaving plenty of time for rest, relaxation, nourishment and connection with the group.
We have included a visit to a beautiful temple, with plenty of time for you to simply enjoy the city and roam around. You will also have time to have a one-on-one with our instructors or to go on your own adventure, hike or do something you’ve been dreaming of doing in Bali.



Marina and Aman


My name is Marina Pavlenko and I am a mobility and calisthenics coach, with a passion for inversion movements (the fun movements where your heart is elevated above your head)

I started practicing basics of Yoga and Capoeira from the age of 18. Before that I hadn’t literally done any form of sports in my life. I got married at 20, and for the next couple of years, lived the typical busy married life that ensued, not paying much attention to my body and health.

At 26, I went through a life changing experience of a divorce, after which I felt totally shattered. But it was going through this experience that prompted me to make myself physically and mentally stronger, empower myself and eventually find the optimal life style I wanted to live.

I went from fearing push ups, to now doing handstands in every corner of Dubai, from an unhealthy and broken body to one that many think comes from a gymnastic background from childhood.

I have spent the last two years dedicating my life to learning how to improve my body and soul through Yoga, Calisthenics, meditation and nutrition. My own personal journey has taught me that the power to drive change is all with us! And that is why I have a passion to share what I have learned and enable others to make the changes they need in their life.

It’s never too late to start! I have clients at age of 50 enjoying their journey towards handstands! And you are never too busy! I'm currently training working moms of 3 on how to press into handstand!

Here is just little list of disciplines I immersed myself in the last couple of years :
- Capoeira
- Calisthenics (WCO level 1 & 2 certified)
- Contemporary Dance
- Mobility and Flexibility
- Animal flow (Level 1)
- Fitness (PTA global level 2 & 3 certified)
- Yoga (collectively over 200 hrs of studying )
- Human Anatomy
- Movement (Numerous workshops of Ido Portal, Play Fight, Farid Herrera to name a few)
- Hand-balancing (Learned from the best Miguel Santana)



My name is Aman Arora. I am a movement coach and a generalist. I have always been driven by curiosity.

From a very young age, I immersed myself in to physical practices. My journey began when I pursued Karate for a period of 3 years at the age of 7. But life had me moving so I packed my bags for a new adventures. Along the way came formal schooling, but my curiosity remained intertwined with the physical experience.

I had a fair share of exposure to Judo, along with other sports like basketball, football and cricket by the time I was 18 years of age. As time passed by I noticed my curiosity expanding towards whole processes of learning, practicing and teaching a variety of physical modalities. Along with this revelation, came many more and it was overwhelming… But life had me moving once again, so I packed my bags and the next destination was Shenzhen, China.

It is in Shenzhen that I stumbled upon Muay-Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I spent 2 years training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu almost 6 days a week for 2 hours each day. But guess what? Life had me moving once again and so I packed my bags. This time is was Dubai, UAE.

A Magnificent city, which metaphorically speaking is growing at the speed of light and proved to be a big play ground for my inner child.

Have you heard of the famous quote - “Rome wasn’t build in a day” well Dubai was built in a day, what I mean by that is if you put in the right amount of effort and brain into something it doesn’t have to take years to come around. I was fascinated by freestyle practices like parkour and calisthenics at the time, so I took up an internship at a trampoline gym for 3 months which turned out to be a very enriching experience.

I have a self proclaimed mentor that I keep taking about to people, his name is Ido Portal and you should check him out. I believe that he has left enough of a bread crumb trail on the internet for me to put my thoughts/ideas together here, have them packaged and ready for delivery. I have never seen anyone as passionate or rather obsessed about movement like Ido.

Honestly he inspires me. Like him I’m always on the move too, cause life decided so for me.

I have been traveling to Thailand a lot recently, attending a variety of workshops. They have provided me with tools to put together my classes, a culture around my approach and also helped me facilitate the growth of Elevation Fitness, a facility owned by my dear friend and student Amit Bhojwani.

Here is a list of a few things I pursued along my journey:

- Diploma in Personal Training (Level 3&4)

- Pilates mat work

- Gymnastics fundamentals and foundations

- Functional movement screen (Level 1&2)

- Yoga TTC (200 hrs)

- Calisthenics WCO (Level 1&2)

- TRX training

- Gait Analysis

- Basic Assessment and Strategy Evaluation Techniques

- ldo portals Movement Camp (2018/19)

- Movement Feast (Level 1&2)

- Thai Massage (Level 1&2)

- Tai Chi (Level 1)

- Somatic Movement Project (Module 1&2)

- Boxercise (Level 1)

- Injured and Special Population training

- Fascial movement foundation course.



Itinerary subject to change


Transportation to The Retreat

We will be including group transfers from the airport on September 1  (Timing TBD).
If your arrival timing falls outside the rest of the group, not to worry, we will arrange separate transportation for you!

DAY 1 – SEPT 15

Prepare for Fast

If possible, plan to arrive to Bali by noon
5pm – Welcome Practice and Intention Setting
7pm – Arrival Pre-Fast Dinner

DAY 2 – SEPT 16

Detox Day 1

Morning Practice: Mobility and ground movement

Introduction to Yin Yoga
Introduction to Juice Fasting​
Evening Practice: ​Internal Movement (breathwrok, meditation)

DAY 3 – SEPT 17

Detox Day 2

Morning Practice

Introduction to Yin Yoga

Benefits of Fasting

Evening Practice

Talk: The Food Matrix

Seminar: Pain and Fear

DAY 4 – SEPT 18

Detox Day 3

Morning Practice
Food Combining and PH levels
Juicing Workshop
Evening Practice
Community Circle

DAY 5 – SEPT 19

Breaking the Fast

Morning Practice
Community Walk
Evening Practice

DAY 6 – SEPT 20

Closing and Reflection

Morning Practice

Optional: local hike

Lunch Workshop

Time to Reflect

Closing Circle



Planning the rest of your trip

We highly recommend scheduling a flight that departs after 5pm on Friday from Bali. We also suggest traveling before or after this trip to take advantage of the long journey and are happy to help with suggestions!



We’ve fashioned something we hope will make an ideal sanctuary, both for those wanting extended retreat space and those just seeking a shorter escape in the hills. The retreat’s vast space, offers a platform where people can enjoy time together, but also to wander around in nature, to seek solitude.




STEP 1: Learn all about the trip; the theme, the teachers, the venue and policies.
STEP 2: Contact us and reserve your spot as soon as you’re ready, or book online via this website
STEP 3: You’ll get a confirmation +  emails leading up to your trip preparing you for an amazing adventure.

Write us at or whatsapp us at 00971509236423 if you have any questions about the trip, how to sign up, or anything else that comes up along the way.
By reserving your space through placing your deposit with us, you are agreeing to the stated policies in our agreement. Please read all details below.


6 days/ 5 nights accommodation

Transport from Bali Airport to retreat location

3 Delicious Meals on none-detox days

3 Days of Juicing
All Detox, Yoga, Movement & Medication Classes

Community talks and Sharing circles

2 Excursions

2 “in the kitchen” workshops
Wholesomeretreats support staff


Additional Treatments.
International Airfare

Visa fee


The package is all inclusive from the moment you land at: $1750


All prices are per/person USD. All bookings include a refundable deposit that is 50% of the total trip cost. Final payments are due 30 days before the start date of the trip to keep your spot secure.
If cancellation (always in writing) takes place within 7 days of booking, 100% of the trip price is refundable including the deposit, unless retreat start date is less than 30 days from booking date.
In the rare case of a cancellation on the part of Wholesomeretreats (due to political unrest, dangerous weather, or low sign-ups) we will fully refund of your funds. We require all participants to purchase travel insurance and highly encourage them to purchase “cancel for any reason” to protect them against the rare chance of cancellation


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